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The minute the judges did not instantly disparage the animal heads work, I figured they would rate it as the very best. Can we say "Antonio"?

Wasn't the competition for designing wallpaper? How is sticking things on the wall representative of wallpaper design?

The designer who used his initials "JT" should have won as the best tonight, in my opinion. Although I called it right for the bottom two, I think that Cris should have gone home.

Given tonight's decision, I predict that Brooks will be sticking around for a while.
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Picture of CorvetteLady
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I did not like the animal heads either, didn't like anything in that vignette. Couldn't believe they fell for the smell me, yuck.

I think you could be right about Cris. Plus did Boris sabotage Anne? They sure edited it to look that way. I really hate when they do that. But then again Anne should have called the store and made sure it was going on the truck.

I liked Anne's portfolio but her wallpaper was overpowering.

Wonder how long before someone starts a "let's all pick on Gen" thread. She was smirking again but all our complaining has not gotten any results.

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Picture of mriley
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I also did not care for the pink wall and the animal heads. I agree about Chris. I hope she will do better next episode.

I think it would be better to have the first elimination after the second episode. The results may remain the same, but at least everyone would have a second chance to succeed.

I taped the show and I am going to watch it again...I need to get it more clear in my mind. Some designs stand out in my memory, but others are a blur. I also want to check out the wallpaper designs. Marylee
Posts: 1451 | Location: Ohio | Registered: Aug 24, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Can't believe the one with the animal heads won!?!?!? It's funny because I bet none of the judges have animal heads on their own walls. And I've never seen any in the magazine!
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I must agree, I have no idea why the judges liked anything Brooks created. There is no part of his room I would allow in my home.
Posts: 23 | Location: Spokane Valley, WA | Registered: Jul 28, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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As much as I didn't like Brooks' creation, remember, this was not necessarily to go into someone's home - it was supposed to be a representation of "their brand".
Even so, I think the guy who did his initials was very good, certainly much better than the animal heads - but I do not like animal heads even in a hunting lodge. One of my clients and I had just finished her lovely home, including her husband's study - and he came in with a deer head that he'd shot the year before. The bad thing was it was very visible from the foyer as the study had glass french doors. We finally convinced him to take it out to their cabin. Some people are seriously freaked at animal heads on the walls!
Posts: 4292 | Location: Austin, TX | Registered: Dec 02, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Here's an example of animal heads I'd actually want to use:

We have a white parrot from this company for my grandson's pirate themed nursery.

I can't say I'd actually use Brooks' animal heads, but I do find him to be delightfully quirky, both in his personality and style- and that did come across in his vignette.

The one that I thought was horrible (and was surprised it wasn't in the bottom) was the green (emerald?) wallpaper that was supposed to look like leopard but looked more like messy camouflage. I didn't like that vignette at all! (not sure whose it was... still getting used to the designers' names)
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Emerald Green one was Jessie. Color of the year said Gen. Jessie is a joke. That was awful, though not as bad, or maybe just as bad as Cris.
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Actually I liked Jessie's design--a heck of a lot better than Anne's design. Way over the top with that red! And Abby's design--yuck!
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It's great how we all have different opinions on the designs.

One thing I thought about- the designs that we look at and say "I could live with that in my home" are usually the ones that get no attention. The truly livable designs (and I'm talking about this show) are the 'middle of the road'. Good enough to move along, but not enough to warrant any comment.

Case in point: Tiffany's design. It didn't register at all in my mind one way or another until I went back and actually looked at the photos of who did what. A second look showed something very livable, but in a contest setting, very forgettable.

Sometimes those 'slow and steady but don't stand out' designers rally at the end and surprise us.
Posts: 6101 | Registered: Jul 20, 2009Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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When I think of the term "brand" I think of what you market to the public. Not necessarily what your personal taste is.

I thought Brooks' room was more of a character study in himself, like an abstract self portrait. But of course, that may have been what he wants the public to see as his working style.

Now that the title of the show has rightly dropped the word Design, the contestants are not as subject to the scrutiny of current interior design expectations and practices. So we may be seeing more abstract design in the future. It's still a moderately interesting way to kill an hour on a Sunday night.
Posts: 1734 | Location: Morristown | Registered: Jun 12, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of DeadMarilyn
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I only like Abby,Jessie,Brooks and Tiffany.Everyone else *****.

Brooks is fantastic.
Posts: 198 | Registered: Aug 01, 2012Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of mriley
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Charles, I am glad to see your comments on this show. You have interesting things to say and often a whole different concept. I enjoy reading your posts. Marylee
Posts: 1451 | Location: Ohio | Registered: Aug 24, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Love Brooks. Love the animal heads. Love the genius statement using military maps as a jumping off point and then having them done in pink. This guy has more innate talent than the rest of them combined. And I don't know what magazines you all get, but many of mine feature animal heads - like them or don't.
Posts: 571 | Location: Ferndale, WA | Registered: Nov 09, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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