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Vern Yip was interviewed by on May 23rd, explaining the cancellation of HGTV Design Star/ Star. He stated that although the 2013 season garnered viewers numbering 1.5 million that was half of the 3 million viewers at the shows peak in 2009. He attributed it to a shift in trends and mentioned other competition shows like Top Chef which suffered a similar loss in viewers.
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Thanks for the reply's to my question about
HGTV Star. I'm really going to miss it this
Posts: 16 | Registered: Sep 04, 2012Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I'm afraid the quality of all HGTV shows has gone down the tubes. The former fan base of this cable channel is disgruntled over the shows offered. So many of the worthwhile programs are gone, only to be replaced by boring, predictable shows where "reality" is nothing but scripted nonsense.
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Sad news but not surprising - HGTV obviously lacked commitment to the show for the past several years.

Thanks for letting us know, Charles and rocco.
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Picture of CorvetteLady
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Even though it wasn't as good the last few seasons it was still head & shoulders above Brother vs Brother. I fast forwarded through most of last Sundays episode.

I so miss the true design shows they use to have. I learned so much from the old shows, like Designers Challenge, Christoperh Lowe, the old Design on a Dime, it's been so long I can't even remember the names of the other shows.

Such a shame what's happened to HGTV.Frown
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Picture of ntuitive1
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I haven't been on this board in a long time, although I do remember some of you on this thread - I just came here to see whether there was any news on Design Star - What a shame, it was my favorite show at one time. I agree that the cable networks have not been keeping their best competition shows fresh and the ratings have suffered for it. IMO, it all started going downhill for DS the season they decided to have Mark Burnett produce the show and turned it into a snark fest of major proportions. After that and getting rid of Clive Pearse, it was never the same. RIP Design Star, I will always remember seeing David Bromstad and Alice Fakier in person doing their final challenge in Bryant Park in NYC. It was so exciting.... Frown
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I so agree. HGTV turned a great show into a classless competition. That's why their ratings suffered and we kept telling them, too, but they wouldn't listen.

I so miss the HGTV of old, so many classy shows, such a variety. It is just such a shame to see them go downhill.
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I can't tell you how upsetting this news is, that there will not be a Design Star! HGTV and producer have it wrong - it's still popular and should also start improving their other programs. Just not the same old HGTV it used to be...
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I was almost always disappointed that the winners shows never went beyond a teaser. Although not a favorite, even Antonio's show was "interesting".
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I wish they would have the White Room challenge
at least. They were showing a few episodes of
that show a while back. I only have Food Network
challenge to look forward to. Do they have any
more episodes of Design on a Dime?
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