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  The most successful former Design Star contestant?
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So, who of all former contestants do you think has landed in the most successful spot?

I was just thinking about some that we have not seen in a while. It seems unfair to have them compete so hard on the show and then disappear from sight.

Season 1: David has enjoyed much success, for sure.

Season 2: Kim's show wasn't on for very long.

Season 3: I have yet to see Jennifer's show.

Season 4: Antonio's absence suggests to me an admission on the judge's part that he was not the best among his group after all.

Season 5: Emily was going strong for a while. What happened to her?

Season 6: Meg? I saw one or two shows of hers and that was enough for me. In fact, I kept switching the channel, so I have never seen a show of hers in entirety. Perhaps she made many more, but I had no interest in watching. She is becoming more of a commentator for Design Star than a host with her own show.

Season 7: Did Danielle win? Where is the show that she was promised?

Actually, I think that the most successful contestant is Casey Nobel, the new host for Design on a Dime. She certainly shows the most talent and confidence, and I like her voice...not the usual whiny or contrived inflections so typical of HGTV hosts and hostesses.

I do not watch HGTV very much anymore. However, whenever I have caught the Design on a Dime episodes hosted by Casey, I have loved every design she's created. I found myself watching a marathon of DOAD episodes one afternoon with delight.

I hope that the powers that be of HGTV will go back and offer some of the other former contestants a show to host. I would love to see Will Smith from Season 2 or Loni from Season 4 or Stephanie from Season 3 or Karl from Season 6 or Britany from Season 7. They each have great talent and ability.
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As far as his show lasting the longest that had to be David. I believe he is doing new epsisodes of Color Splash.

My understanding is they didn't give Kim much of a budget and made her do lame craft projects. Jennifer had a child with health problems.

Antonio did get several seasons, Emily too. They changed the format for Emily's show but I just never liked it. She and Meg have very annoying voices, the only way I could watch their shows was if I muted them. Plus I never really liked their designs. Same can be said for Antonio, he didn't have a broad appeal.

Meg and Danielle each got to do shows right after their win. Meg got to do more but so far I think Danielle has only had 5 episodes. While I like Danielle and did enjoy her shows I still think that Hilari should have won. Meg should have been sent home after the white room and Karl should have won. It just says to me that the judges (or HGTV) decide early on who they want to win.

This years contestents are so bland that I have to wonder at the critera they use to chose them. I just wish that HGTV would make up it's mind what kind of network it wants to be. I enjoy the occasional episode of House Hunters but I don't want to watch it every night. Did we really need another Love It or List It? They use to have all kinds of design shows, I didn't even know they were still doing episodes of Design on a Dime. I used to watch HGTV all afternoon, one design show after another, I loved Designers Challenge. Now it's just repeats of a show, one after the other, a different show each day. Boring!
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David is by far the most successful winner.

I liked Danielle's show.It's to bad they stopped making it.
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I really like Todd who does House Crashers. He should have won his season.
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David is by far the most successful, although I think he's filming Color Splash for online viewing only, as far as I knew.

I was just starting to appreciate Emily when her show vanished. Meg I could take or leave. I hardly knew enough of Danielle to have an opinion as she only had a few shows. I think Hilari should have won that season. I still think that was a big mistake. So far DS is pretty underwhelming this season. Meh.
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They should definitely offer Hilari a show. She was so entertaining & much better than Danielle. It think they pretty much know who they're going to choose before the show even airs. I imagine that the contestants pitch their idea for a show and then the producers run with that. They might have a "few" contestants that they are watching but I doubt if their decision comes down to the last episode. And I doubt the "judges" actually make the decision. It's all about the producers of the network and what show they think will be a hit. If it was really about the contestants, they'd go back to the viewer vote!
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Emily is going very strong in the design world. Other things to do than just an HGTV Show. I read her blog every day and she was Apartment Therapy runner up this year for best design blog. She is working on a book, has some magazine articles coming out, doing residential and commercial work. I know she filmed episodes in the past year that haven't been shown yet. And more important than any of this, she's pregnant with her first baby!! If you're into design you should check out her blog. It's my favorite! She has a great style if writing, is funny but very informative! I think she provides the best design content out there. Way better than any other HGTV "Star".
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I really like David, Emily and Meg(and I love Meg's co-host but I can't think of his name right now, only that he used to be called Sparky on another network) in that order. At least they have actual design shows. I'm hoping HGTV will some day get the message that we want to see mostly design, new ideas, new paint, furniture, accessories, etc., and forget about the realty shows. After all, the bubble burst and people aren't into property like they once were, they are tending to stay with their own homes and trying to improve them, so that's why there's a HUGE need for refurbishing shows.
As far as the other winners I really don't watch them. I'm with you about Casey and DOAD. I've always loved that show & she's just as competent as the other hosts have been. I know Donna didn't win, but her show is somewhat entertaining on occasion, when I want to see how the upper crust live. The only tip I've taken from her is CRYSTAL, crystal, crystal-oh, and leopard print.
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I really liked Danielle's show and hope there is more to come.
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Just join message board and have read a lot of comments concerning the Design Star program. I agree that David Bromstad is the most successful
of all contests to date. Why do they pick the winner every season and not give them a show at all?
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