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  Vern's statement says it all
Vern's statement says it all Sign In/Join 
As the judges were debating the designers' bus challenge, Vern said something like, "Anne does beautiful every week. The viewers love beautiful every week." Then, they then dismissed her. I have never seen anyone ask for more spaces that are only artistic, with no function.

It has been obvious that HGTV doesn't care about what the viewers want, but Vern put it into words.
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I think there was more to it than that - Anne also had time management problems and this was what, the second or third messy bed she showed? Yes, given enough time and help I'm sure she could turn out a beautiful space, but there needs to be more to it than that. I in no way want another Antonio, but Anne seems to do what any competent design professional can do - there is nothing special or dramatic there. And - she does seem to have melt downs rather easily - this would, IMO, make her a tiny bit difficult to work with. I deal with problems on the job site every single day, but a melt down face is NOT the one I present to my clients - it's MY job to assure them that everything will be fine.
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David was pretty specific when he told the contestants to think outside the box. Vern's comment could also have been taken as "Anne can pull a room together but she really isn't very creative". I have made this comment before on other posts dealing with different topics but I do believe it is a matter of context:

A non professional pulling together a series of "tasteful" rooms in the currently proscribed style is to be commended. A pro giving you slight variations on the same style over and over is either playing safe or has limited scope. Neither which are called for on a televised contest.

There is nothing new in soft gray neutral Alexa Hampton type styling. It's all over Pinterest, Houzz, ect. She has taste, but does that equal "star"?
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While it wasn't Anne's best design, it was head and shoulders above one of the other chosen three. Never going to watch Brooks. Anne had great tips. Tiffany looks hers up on craft websites and I can already do that so I won't be watching her either.
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I didn't like Anne's meltdowns and the fact that she consistently couldn't finish her rooms. I love Jerabi and Tiffany. Brooks is not star material. Interesting that they haven't gotten any of them to "pitch" their own show thoughts.
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You all have valid points about Anne. As soon as I saw that she wasn't going to switch things up, I knew she was in trouble. Plus, I'm not impressed with any of the designers this season.

I just find it frustrating and disappointing to hear that they know what the viewers like, but do not care. I miss the great programming and wish they start running some quality shows again.
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I couldn't watch this last episode and still haven't found that full episode. I've watched every other video that is so very easily found. [dig] So I had been looking forward to us actually having a show I'd like to watch.I like her style etc. I have liked Tifanies too.

I will say this though that designers styles are something that stays with them.Let me illustrate Emily as example.I was for her before and wanted to watch her shows and read her work online. I lost interest maybe because it's my age factor ideas or I just want to see something else once in awhile. Her style no matter what theme there is to me seems always the same. The same type chairs and couches used.The same kind of design in art work and pillows. There seems to be no other style. Though how would I know if I stopped watching her shows or reading her blog.?

I think Tifany would be okay for what I would like to see. Hate to jinx it by hoping.
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Anne did the same boring design every week. Every week she had a disheveled bed in her room. I was getting bored with her and her 'I'm so great' attitude.

I think the judges like people who think outside the box. they are going for more artistic designs these days.
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