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Anyone else a little confused about tonight's results? Not necessarily WHO won, but the reason they won? Last I checked, there are NO design shows on least at a decent hour that most people would be watching. It's ALL reruns/marathons of reno shows or house hunters. But I was more than a bit confused when the judges were conferring with each other about who should win, and a comment about Jerebi was made. Dont remember who said it, but it was something to the effect of "Jerebi being the most hands on, can do carpentry, backsplashes, etc." Then they said that this competition was about DESIGN and not any of that. Wait...what? Then why did the drop the "Design" from Design Star? And why are all new shows about construction and reno as opposed to design concepts? I would think that someone who was well rounded and didnt mind getting his hands dirty would be a worthy winner. Seems as though the reason they went with Tiffany as opposed to Jerebi was pretty thin and nonsensical considering what HGTV has become. *Shrugs*
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Picture of CorvetteLady
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It was Sabrina that said it's good that he can do backsplashes but we are looking for someone to inspire on a design perspective. She didn't say it was only about design. I think she meant the final decision should be based on their design talent.

I agree that there aren't enough design shows. I would not be surprised to see Jeribai get one of the many construction type shows that they do.

They never really give us a good reason why they choose one designer over another, I am still trying to figure out how Meg beat Karl. I feel that either Tiffany or Jeribai could have won. I'm very glad that it wasn't Brooks.
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Picture of DeadMarilyn
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Tiffany was more of a designer and Jerbai could build things.I don't think him being able to buoild things was bad for him but I think it made them think he wasn't focused on design.
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Picture of Chlynn1129
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Corvettelady, your comment about trying to figure out how Meg beat Karl made me laugh! I,too, still wonder about that!! What a disappointment that was.
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Picture of CorvetteLady
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Chylnn1129 I think I complained often on this board about Karl losing. Maybe a little too often! Smile

I thought they might go with Jeribai since the last three winners were women. When I looked at the pictures I liked his room the most. I didn't realize the his room was larger then the other two. That would explain the large open space that the judges didn't like. But if you look at all the rooms they all had the same elements. A dining area, a conversation area and a living room, so they must have been told this is what the resort wanted.

It will be interesting to see if HGTV gives Tiffany more than the too few episodes they gave Danielle.

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I think Tiffany won because she is a decent designer and had the best camera challenges. Brooks is talented and takes risks, but his camera challenges were hard to watch. I think Jeribai had good camera appeal, but, as a graphic designer, I think the panel was afraid that he wouldn't have the versatility in design that a design star needs.
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