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Picture of CorvetteLady
I am impressed that HGTV keeps coming up with unique spaces for the challenges, the school bus idea was great.

Jeribai won the camera challenge, I thought he did an amazing job and I liked his dresser turned kitchen island the best. I thought his bus was fantastic, boxer workout in the back and luxury lounge in the front. Agree with the judges that the curtains didn't work, plus he didn't have candles in his candlesticks. I think that was a small thing because if he was doing a show he would have help with all that. I don't know why they can't give them a couple more hours so they can put the finishing touches to their space.

Tiffany won the bus challenge and I think her camera challenge was also very good. She did an Alice in Wonderland tea party and the judges loved her creativity. They also seemed surprised by it but this was the challenge for out of the box thinking. They nit picked about the back of the bus but if she'd had a little more time I think she would have fixed it.

Anne looked very nervous on her camera challenge and I thought her hint was stupid. She played it safe and had a bedroom in the back and a seating area in the front. They liked her wallpaper on the back wall and they even liked her idea but alas she didn't finish it. She kinda had a mini breakdown. I think it was Sabrina that said Anne does pretty rooms but is that what we really want?

Brooks camera challenge was horrible, turning a suitcase into a medicine cabinet was just a bit off the wall. His bus had an outer space theme.....well that's what he said it was but it didn't look that way to me. The judges loved some of it but were concerned that his camera challenges aren't improving.

It came down to Brooks and Anne and I guess they decided they have enough pretty room designers because Anne went home.

The next part is very strange because they said since these were the three best designers they'd ever had they were all going to be in the final. Odd because they couldn't decide who was worse Brooks or Anne but then suddenly Brooks became one of the best designers. Closer to the truth is they only wanted to do one more episode, this season has been the shortest and they did the 3 designer finale on the Design Star All Stars.

My best guess for the winner is Jeribai but I like Brooks the least so he will probably win.
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I'm so proud of myself - I remembered to watch tonight!

As much as I like "pretty room" I was glad that they sent Anne home - her whining and mini-meltdowns was about to get on my last nerve. I'd love to see Brooks go next. Yes, he is different, yes, he thinks outside the box - but do you really want to see his mad scientist persona on a real show?

I could watch Jeribai pretty easily but I also like Tiffany. As long as Brooks doesn't win I'll be okay.
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Right Doodles, I'm not a fan of meltdowns. I almost think we are the same person because you said exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if we had our own show, Designer Do & Don't. I could do the original design and you would come in and correct it, because I ain't like normal people and HGTV would never accept my stuff because it's too "whimsical" for most people. I'm sure you would find a way to incorporate it into something fantastic. And we would appeal to older people with our mature woman bond...oh if only HGTV would go back to actually showing how to redo a space, instead of selling it(and I'm not even considering Love It, Or List It-don't like).
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