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  Episode 4 - Spoilers
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Picture of CorvetteLady
I thought both kitchens were nice, nothing outstanding but since both homeowners were thrilled I guess nice was enough.

I thought that maybe Brooks would go home because they really didn't like his counter top, I thought it was okay. I guess his white ceiling saved him. I don't think he added much to the design.

Anne's dininge room was very nice. I would have to say that the other two had to help with all that stuff that was in the room. Dressing that table had to take awhile because it really looked finished.

Abby's drapes were lovely, she can really sew. I didn't hate her backsplash but it really did need more color. So we had to say good-by to Abby.

Tiffany's was in the bottom two with Abby. I thought her dining room was very nice but do agree that a family with young children would have a hard time with that table. The guys tried to tell her.

Jeribai did a nice job on the backsplash, which Vern said it was the best he'd ever seen on Design Star but I recall him saying that to Karl too.

They loved the wallpaper that Boris choose. It's hard to see the texture on TV. They didn't like his corner shelves, I didn't either. I guess they thought the wallpaper was enough to keep him another week.

I still don't find any of these designers that interesting. I wish someone would tell Anne to tone down her hair, it's very distracting and I think she comes across as harsh. But I think she had 3 wins so she might be the winner.
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While a hammered metal table might be impractical in a house with children, what about the grasscloth? That's not exactly a kid-friendly choice of wall covering. At least the table could be wiped clean of fingerprints.

IMO, the metal table would have shown a lot better if it had been set. Unfortunately, Mr. Handyman takes so long executing his projects (the backsplash this week) that his teammates don't have time to execute their own design elements.
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Fans on the blog are praising Jerebai for being the first contestant to complete a tile backsplash. I feel certain someone else had done it previously, but can't remember who.

I just remember the line "Tile is the four letter word of Design Star".

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Posts: 1781 | Location: Morristown | Registered: Jun 12, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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@Charles D: I believe Karl finished the back splash tile, the season zero talent Meg won.
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I remember! It was my fav Karl Sponholz who not only finished his tile project but came up with the Mosaiic concept and smashed the tiles himself.
Posts: 1781 | Location: Morristown | Registered: Jun 12, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CorvetteLady
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I didn't understand Jeribai doing the tile himself when he didn't have to. The other team let their handyman do it and their room looked more polished because of it.

In past challenges they had to do the work themselves.

Jeribai has really not shown any design talent just handyman talent. It's a design show, if they get their own show they will have help to get the work done. I don't imagine many designers do their own tile work.

I don't understand how these contestents were chosen. None of them have great portfolios, and none of them seem to be very personable. Let's just use Boris as an example, he has basic skills and a fake smile. He just doesn't come across well on camera and other then this week they have edited the show to make him out to be the villian. Do you suppose they try to pick someone we won't like so we'll all watch just to see them lose? Boris doesn't reach that level of dislike, not like Kathy, so they didn't even choose a good villian.

I've found this season to be so lacking in talent. I laughed when Vern said he thougt they had the 6 best designers left. Yeah because the other 4 were so terrible. I think they made a big mistake the first week when they sent Tobin home. I really doubt if this season produces a "star".
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What is keeping Boris in this competition? Once in a while he selects a design element the judges like but he hasn't shown any design talent whatsoever. In fact, he's shown a complete lack of design talent (the loft dining room, the corner shelves in this kitchen, the 2 chairs placed under a chandelier in the first episode). And he's creepy.

He's got to go. Buh-BYE Boris!
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Jeribai had something to proved. By finishing the backsplash he would surely win a challenge. In this case, he should had won. This "designers" have no zing. This groups stuff doesn't work. Anne's hair is way too distracting. Whenever she speaks, I'm staring at that 80's Cindy Lauper hair. Why is HG going to H.D. Buttercup for furniture. People, I live in LA near this store. It has a few nice pieces there, but not things you want to feel a house with. And waaay over-price!
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Picture of Belle_N_Lex
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Tiffany and Abby as the bottom two were likely the correct choices this week. When Abby was picking the back splash, I thought it blended too much and needed alittle more contrast. I figured it could send her home and it did. Tiffany made even bigger design blunders with the table choice and the pendant lighting mess up in comparison. So why did she not go home? Simple... The camera challenges. Tiffany did a much better presentation. I bet that was the deciding factor.

The judges and David are really pressing the importance of the camera challenges thru out this entire season. I can't help but think back to former winners and wonder why most never "made it big" on HGTV and had staying power like David B ? It's all about the "on camera chemistry" I suppose? That would mean the final two likely come down to Anne and Tiffany?


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But if you recall David's camera work it was not good. Not good at all.
Posts: 7022 | Location: North MN & Northern AR | Registered: Oct 01, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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They had a whole show (mini-series) about getting David ready for the camera. Wasn't it "The Making of a Design Star?"
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Picture of wendek
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I am just watching the kitchen epi today and love the stainless table. I don't understand the concern of it with kids. Weird. Seems that an easy care metal table would be a best choice with messy kids in the house. ( also, I despise rustic Smile but that's another story).

My SS fridge is fingerprint and smudge resistant. It also is non magnetic so no tons of fridge magnets on it.

Seems strange that people hated it considering all the SS kitchens these days.

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