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  I didn't love everything Brooks did but at least he's not boring!
I didn't love everything Brooks did but at least he's not boring! Sign In/Join 
I would watch a show with Brooks on it any day of the week just to see what's cooking in his mad-scientist (excuse me - mad-designer!) brain. He reminds me of Cortney & Robert Novogratz - they're way out there and I don't always love their end result but they are SO interesting to watch! I think the Design Star panel got burned when they swooned over and picked Antonio (HUGE mistake)so they stuck with "oh good, another really cute, safe girl with very little to say" Tiffany. Stop it already, you dingbats! You are so predictable.
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I think that's right Cookie, he is very interesting, but I'm not sure I could watch a half hour of him. And I agree with you on the Novogratz, because I totally HATE mid-century modern & that's all anyone wants to do. They think it's so hip with it's clean lines and futuristic look, but I grew up in the 50' & 60's and I thought it was a dull style then. Sorry to anyone who likes that style, but I think you can dress it up nowadays so it's not so bad.
As a matter of fact, has there been ANY new style in the last 10 or 15 years? All the named influences and styles such as mid-century, art deco, Hollywood regency, modern, traditional, shabby chic, etc. etc., what has been the LATEST trend??? It's all copy of past times. Can there even be some new ideas that haven't been used over and over again?
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Picture of DeadMarilyn
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They chose Tiffany because she was a safe choice. The audience who watches HGTV are female stay at home moms (I think gen said that too). I just don't see anyone wanting to turn in to Brooks show unless he toned it way down.

I doubt Tiffanys show will last more than one season.
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