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  Need help finishing man's knit hat
Need help finishing man's knit hat Sign In/Join 
Picture of CA Lori
It was 78 sts knit on straight needles. Then I had to shape the top with the last row ending with 10 sts. I have a question with the next instruction: Break yarn leaving a long end. Draw end through remaining sts and fasten securely.

My question is which end do I draw the yarn through? I threaded a yarn needle but don't know which end to draw the yarn through. Do I insert my needle at the end where the yarn is sitting from finishing the last stitch or do I go around to the other end and insert the threaded yarn needle there?

The directions don't say anything about pulling the yarn tight to close up the opening at the crown so I'm wondering if I should draw the crown together AFTER I've stitched the seam needed to sew the hat together.

The last instruction after "draw end through rem sts and fasten securely" says to "Sew center back seam, reversing seam half way for turn back. (The picture looks like there is about a 2-inch turn back, although it really doesn't specify.)
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Picture of JoW
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I don't think it makes any difference. I would start from the end where the yarn it attached because its easier. Take a couple stiches across the middle of the gather to fill the tiny hole that will appear in the middle of that gather. Then use that yarn to sew the seam, or at least part of it.

I prefer a hat that doesn't have a turn-back. I use that 2" to cover my ears. You can make any depth of turn-back you want.

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Picture of jacky
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You start where your last stitch is, thread your yarn through that stitch then each of the rest of the stitches on the needle.Then pull it up to gather those stitches up and tie it off.I leave enough from doing this to sew up the seam at back of hat,you can do it as directed if you what the turn up brim.

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