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I have all the needles from my mom. Tried to learn as a lefty when I was 10. Ready to learn again. Have decided I will become a righty to knit. How should I start? Take lessons? Read a book and try to do it, then go to a class? Just moved to area, so do not have a friend to help me out.
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What works best for you? If your a more visual learner and don't have some one close to show you things then I would say you tube. That will show you almost any stitch. I use that when I haven't done a stitch for awhile just to get back in the groove. If there are classes and not to expensive I would try that. The other thing I would say is start with something small. Dish cloth kind of thing, that way can practice and have something finished pretty quick. Hope that helps some. Feel free to ask questions.
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Our schools and or library has lessons as do some knit shops,gl

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This is a you tube for knitting left handed. Starts off with casting on. I didn't watch the whole thing but looks like it might help you.
If you are left handed, trying to knit right handed will be more difficult for you. I taught a friend who is left hand to crochet left handed and she loves to crochet and has made several items. She was taught to knit right handed and she doesn't like to knit at all because it is so unnatural for her.
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Learn continental - IMO the best and only way - you control the yarn/tension with your left hand, also hold your work in the left.
Good luck.
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I'm left-handed and knit like a right-hander knits. It was a RHer who taught me. She was the owner of my local knitting shop. That was way back in the 60's!
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I know this is about knitting left-handed. But in a class for crocheting there was a left handed there. So the teacher (right handed )sat with her facing a mirrior and the girl was able to learn this way to do it as a left hander.

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Watch a leftie crochet and you'll notice when we crochet, we're working from left to right, just opposite of the rightie who crochets her work from right to left.

maryim, I'm trying to switch over to continental knitting because it's so much faster. But after one has been knitting for so many years with the yarn in the RH, it's hard. My continental work is so uneven. I can't seem to figure out how to wrap the yarn around/between my fingers so that I can get an even tension. I've watched several videos and tried the different ways of controlling the tension, but none of them seem to work for me. It's frustrating so I keep reverting to holding the yarn in my right hand, where I know I'll have a nice-looking finished product when I'm done!

Another thing I learned (youtube shows it) is how to do the Norwegian purl stitch when you're working in ribbing--it's so much faster (no flipping the yarn from front to back). You may want to check it out.

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