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  What is going on here?
What is going on here? Sign In/Join 
I had been away due to puter probs, and when I came back, some unknown force seemed to have taken over the site! I would sign in, and the page would load, then suddenly something in the address bar would change and it would become something called "scripps" and it was a blank page!
I am not the only person with this problem, I have been in contact with several other ladies who belong here as well, and they seem to be "locked" out so to speak, does anyone know what is going on?
I wrote to HGTV, doubt they got the letter, but have backdoored many places and finally arrived, started "scripps" wanted to take over again, and I moved around some more, and finally got to where I could at least let someone know why this has prevented me from posting here.
Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
I found someone had written asking about it, so know that I am not alone, but also wondering what you gals had to say about the whole thing. I am sure you have noticed a drop in the members lately, and perhaps this is the reason?
Anyone have any comment?

just skimmed the messages and see my last post was early March, so has been about that long since I could post here, inquiring minds want to know! Does anyone have an answer? I don't even know that putting this address in my favs will allow me to return, so am trying to put as much background here as possible. Does anyone have any ideas what else to do? If you do not hear from me again for some time, it is the dreaded "scripps" force at work again, sorry.
Did everyone get their Xmas tree from Majuls? If not, contact please, I do have the original from the dear lady, don't know what happened with her, does anyone else?
Hoping to visit again sometime soon.Know this will make some cringe, but here is my email in case I can't get back AGAIN, please give me your thoughts?

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Have a great day!!!!!

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I've never had any problems and I visit the Food & Entertaining board almost daily.
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I had this problem with pinerest.I think (senior mind) I googled how to get rid of scripps and followed those instructions.I had tried about every thing and it was driving me nuts.Let us know if that works.GL

" My bucket list bucket has a hole and it's leaking time"
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OK, I finally got the problem fixed, and how? someone was kind enuf to remind me perhaps using a different browser would help, and sure enuf it did!
At the last posting, I was experiencing puter probs, and it just up and died on me, don't know what happened, and when I got back on, learning a new browser, email program etc., I sorta forgot about the using the other browser, but thank good ness for cyber friends here and everywhere.
Tho, I did find a way in the back door, and will keep that just in case someone else has problems, and doesn't have another browser, or help of some kind.
Thanks to all that responded, appreciate your thoughts so much, and I surely will return now.

Have a great day!!!!!

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I had something similar happen to me, first on the HGTV board and I had to re-register as if I was a new person. Finally got that worked out but then I had a problem with my email. I have Cable for my ISP and all of a sudden, I couldn't get into my email using IE9, have to log in to Google Chrome for my email and IE9 for everything else. I can use Google Chrome for the web but I am more comfortable with IE9 plus everything is already saved. Weird but as long as it all works and I can get into what I need to, then I am happy.

LI Roe
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hello, sorry to hear about all the problems you've you please send me the x-mas Christmas tree pattern
Would also like to know what has happen to Mujalus she was alwals so helpful thank you Meli

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Shaddy, just wanted to thank You for the Christmas tree pattern, that I received today. Am glad Majuls, moved closer to Her family. please have a wonderful days always

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Another aside for those wanting more info on the forum, and not being able to get it, low and behold, the apparent "owners" wrote to me, after I contacted them. Reply was ok, but still sidesteps the issues here, when one browser will open the site and another one won't, is not my fault, nor the browsers fault, believe it belongs to the site, as should be available to ALL regardless. There still are several ladies that are unable to enter, and hence will lose that fellowship with others, that to me is the biggest problem. Also, there are many that could with some assists figger out the backdooring issue and get in that way as well, but that is another story. Losing several participants to the forums would worry me, and of course, as word gets around the ladies joining will diminish even more, and then, well, does the board still stand?

Have a great day!!!!!

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