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  Help ID this Chair Please
Help ID this Chair Please Sign In/Join 
An online appraiser said that this is a Martha Washington Lolling chair, and that it is not an antique but a reproduction likely made in the 1930s to 1940s. He said that in its current condition its value is about $75, but would fetch $200 - $300 if refurbished with a new seat.
It has NO markings of any kind. I think there used to be a front piece between the front legs.
I have scoured online for pictures of Martha Washington Lolling chairs, but they all look very "slight" compared to this one, and almost all the pics I saw, there were few with rails between the legs and most all had arms very 'dainty' that went about half way and then curved downward.

Does anyone else agree with the appraiser's assessment? He didn't give a style period. If you disagree, what type/style/period chair do you think this is?

I am asking because someone wanted to buy it from me and I have no idea what the asking price should be.
Thank You!
I have more pictures but am new here and do not know how many I can upload, if more than one.

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Chair In Question
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I think the appraiser is correct about the dates but way off on the price(s)

In its current condition you would be lucky to get $25. Completely refinished, maybe $100 but doubtful.

My recommendation would be to check Craigslist in your area to see how much single chairs sell for.

A seat for that chair would likely have been one with springs built into the cushion.

You could also send this picture to a local auction house in your area and ask if they accepted it for consignment how much would they expect to sell it for.

Prices for furniture that is second hand are pretty much determined by the area you live in.
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Thanks for your reponse.
I felt the $75 was too good to believe.
There just werent any chairs like this listed on my local craigslists postings so I couldn't compare.
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First of all it is not a "Martha Washington" lolling chair. The furniture in Mount Vernon is extremely sophisticated Hepplewhite/ Sheraton style mahogany. A Martha Washington lolling chair has sleek straight lines and is completely upholstered except for thin slighly curved arms and tapered legs. This chair is a dime a dozen 1940's "Colonial Revival" and on a good day would be solid maple. $25 bucks tops.
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