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  New here and have a problem
New here and have a problem Sign In/Join 
Picture of Lovecraft
Hi, guys. I'm new here and I'd like to say "hi" to u all.
I planned to share some crafts here, and I got a problem. I could'n find the place to upload my craft photos. Not sure what to do. Any Helps? Thx in advance.
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Hello and welcome. I am not real good with computer stuff but this is the easiest board to add a photo out of all I belong to.
When you reply to a post, at the bottom left it shows " ADD ATTACHMENT " click on that and a line will come up that shows " BROWSE " click that and it should take you to the photo files on your computer. Then click the one you want to share, click OPEN ,then , click "POST NOW " at the bottom right . It should come up and say if the photo is posted or not.
Now that I have made this as clear as mud, maybe you can try it.
I love the little crochet critter shown on your post-- cute-- did you make it ?
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Picture of granny3641
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Welcome Lovecraft. We're glad to have you join up. The more the merrier. And we would love to see what you make. The boards are a little slow right now because of the summer, but don't despair, it will pick up soon.

Shawneegal got it right..good job.!!! But the first step is, down in the right hand corner, click on 'reply'. This brings up the message box that she talking about.

Let us know if you have any more troubles.


Good friends are like stars...You don't always see them, but you always know they're there.

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Picture of PatV82
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On Mar 2, 2013 - on the Quilting Board - KC1930 posted a link to about resizing your pics to fit onto the site.

I use this for every photo I post here and highly recommend it. I only post one pic per reply.

Welcome and looking forward to seeing your progress.
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Picture of rainee
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I agree with Shawnee gal...that little crocheted critter is adorable! I'd also like to know if you made it.

"Welcome to reality would you like some popcorn?"

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